Thank You For Visiting iPrevail

iPrevail International Foundation is a disaster relief organization that sets itself apart through the long term recover aid and personal relationships that we build with those whom we help. We have assisted families with a myriad of post disaster recovery services. We have provided the means for some families to rebuild portions of their homes including wall and roofs. Some families have decided to build a new means of income as their places of employment were demolished from natural forces. Still others have taken the help that we provided to move to new cities where they can obtain new opportunities to support their families.

iPrevail International is currently gearing up for a large mission expansion.Our unique disaster relief program of forming long term personal relationships with families was tested in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and now we will be starting our services in the United States, then in other nations. The United States has been in the grip of drought, fires, blizzards, tornadoes, and hurricanes at an exponential rate in the last 5 years. these occurrences affect not only individuals and families where they strike. Others “downstream” from disaster can also feel the effects through other means such as a weather affected economy. Again, we seek to set up healing relationships with those who need it most.

We are in need of donations and volunteers to help us with our mission. Being a nonprofit we are dependent on the support of others as are those who we help. Please vicit the donation page, and see what your donation can provide.