What We’re Doing

Typhoon Relief Operations in the Philippines

iPrevail International Foundation was founded in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan by Todd and Tina Marinshaw and Dara Urbina, who each share a connection with the Philippines and have personal stories of triumph that have inspired them to do more to help these families towards long term recovery and healing. Through iPrevail, they hope to continue supporting families and individuals who are affected by any natural disaster and challenging life circumstances both here in the US and in the Philippines.

​As a reputable employer in the Philippines, the Marinshaw’s have personally witnessed poverty and have long since provided decent wages and job opportunities to local Filipinos. Immediately after the storm, Todd, Tina and Dara decided to start a non-profit organization to provide aid to those suffering. Each one of them, along with other team contributors, are 100% volunteers. They understand the need for rapid relief and rescue, but know that in the long run the typhoon victims and the Philippines need much more than just handouts. As such, the iPrevail International Foundation seeks to provide long-term solutions to tragedy and loss: relocation and shelter services, job training and placement, life-skills education, and emotional and spiritual support systems.

Sustainable Relief

When we lose our loved ones or our homes to unexpected tragedies and natural disasters, the hardest thing to do is to get back on our feet. We at iPrevail International want to reach out to individuals and Families to provide not only immediate crisis relief, but long term assistance for those whose lives have been devastated by tragedy and disaster. We will help restore their lives by assisting in rebuilding or relocating their homes, developing life skills, and regaining their livelihood. We also match families together with families all over the world who will provide accountability, emotional, and spiritual support to those whom we help.

Our Mission

Our mission at iPrevail is to empower individuals and families who have suffered through natural disasters by helping them transition and transcend to a new beginning. Our mission will be accomplished through shelter and relocation services, job training and placement, life skills education, and spiritual support systems.

We provide a helping hand rather than a handout.

Board of Directors

Todd Marinshaw (Executive Director) todd@iwillprevail.org

501c3 CEOI grew up in Southern California and while I was fortunate enough to live a blessed life in a first world country, I am no stranger to personal adversity. After achieving the highest military rank possible in a 4 year span, I completed the Special Forces Underwater program to become a second class diver, allowing me to build a foundation of discipline, leadership, and personal responsibility. During  my 4th year in service, I was hit by a car while I was on my bike, and had my knee shattered. After surgery the Doctor told me I may never walk again.  I did not know how to move on and did not possess any other skill to build a career.

With the help of friends who encouraged me to look to God, be humble and believe God had a plan for me, I was able to pick up the pieces (literally) and have a new start. Fast forward to a few years later, I was blessed with a rewarding career in Business to Business Sales, I met my beautiful wife Tina and we started our own business. Over the years God has even saw fit to bless me with children and given me a beautiful family.

As our business grew both in the US and the Philippines, my frequent travels have opened my eyes to how difficult life really is and what true adversity really looks like in third world countries. Through life experience and having met my share of young athletes in our nation I have seen first hand the power of team work, resiliency and a never say die attitude.  I saw that if people find the inspiration from within themselves to rise above, the human spirit can conquer almost anything. This has led me to iPrevail, where we dream of helping families and individuals for life by empowering each person to transcend difficulties and come out winning.


Dara Urbina (Director of PR and Community Relations) dara@iwillprevail.org

501c3 DirectorBorn and raised in the Philippines until the age of 7, I moved to the United States where my mother knew there would be a better life and more opportunities for our family.  She was right, and I thank God everyday for the blessings he has provided me.  I always see and appreciate all that life has to offer, especially having begun my life in a third world country.

Part of my appreciation for life is embracing the fact that the harder I work the more I can achieve.  I possess two Associate’s Degrees, a Bachelor’s Degree and currently working on my Master’s.  I was co-partner for an event planning company where we provided our services pro bono for a charity event.  I have been working at a law firm as a Litigation Technology Coordinator for the past ten years.  These have all been great working experiences, but my passion has always been in my desire to help others.  I volunteer for various non-profit organizations such as the Arnold Palmer Hospital For Children and The Boyz II Men House, and in sending care packages for our Armed Forces to name a few.  I have also donated to organizations helping our local homeless citizens in Florida, organizations that helped in past natural disasters, and others involved in cancer/health awareness.

I have always had this deep need to help others, and I am particularly drawn to children who are less fortunate.  As opposed to just donating clothing, food or money, I see far more value in working with people to help them build a great foundation to become successful in their own right by teaching them the skills needed to make it on their own.  This is how the idea for iPrevail came about–the urgent need to help my homeland due to the typhoon, and the desire to continue to help others in need opened my eyes to an even bigger mission.  Our non-profit organization’s goal is to work with individuals to build the foundation and skills they need to be successful in their lives.  iPrevail’s mission is not just to “provide the fish”, but to teach people “how to fish” so that they will be able to eat for a lifetime.


Tina Marinshaw (Director of Finance and Operations) tina@iwillprevail.org

501c3 DirectorI spent my childhood in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Manila. I enjoyed playing in the streets and I felt secure in a run down area full of everyday people. My parents had to provide for  5 children on minimum wage. They used to tell me stories of having to walk barefoot for miles just to make it to school, and they instilled in me a drive to learn and excel because education was to be my ticket to a better life. And through their perseverance I was able to go to the best accelerated program, the best high school, the best university.  I graduated with a degree in Business Administration and pursued a career in brand management. Working for global brands such as McDonald’s Corp and Levi’s, I was able to hone my skills in strategic planning, finance, and marketing. I also learned to build strategic alliances, to plan special events, and to work with media and the community.

I was obliviously climbing up the corporate ladder and had no plans to leave the Philippines. But God had a different plan.  I met Todd in 2000 and got married in 2002. After I moved to the US,  I continued my career in marketing until God opened doors for me and Todd to start our own business. We also opened a factory in the Philippines with the help of my brothers and sisters, who back then were barely struggling to support their families. Years later and they are now very successful entrepreneurs and have their own factories, providing jobs to people who otherwise could not provide for their families as well. It is amazing to look back and see how the fate of my family was transformed because instead of just giving fish, we also taught them how to fish, and overcome the circumstances that life has dealt all of us.

In the past 10 years, God has allowed me and Todd to support various non profit organizations. In 2009, together with our children, we were able to participate in Typhoon Ondoy relief operations.  Being on the ground opened my heart to victims of calamities and natural disaster.  I want to see these families not only get food and water and much needed relief, but I also want to see them get back up on their feet and turn adversity into triumph, to be empowered to succeed, to be connected to families who will spur them on, believe in them, and see them prevail. This is my dream, this is my vision, and together with friends who share my heart, I know that iPrevail can make it come true.


Ryan Ruddy (Director of Development) ryan@iwillprevail.org

Ryan RuddyI grew up in Daytona Beach Florida. I was blessed enough to have parents who would stop at nothing to build themselves up while raising 3 children. Being the first born to a set of young parents, I got to understand how difficult life could be. Not to sound cliché my parents had always known that someone had more difficulties and would not let me forget it.  Both of my parents would work long hours to make sure my brother, sister, and I were cared for. Throughout my life I had always wanted to help others who were in need of assistance. I desired to become a SWAT team member or federal agent, but a slew of injuries would not allow me to serve others in such a manner. After earning a master’s degree I still did not know what I wanted to do. After stagnating for a while, I overcame adversity and reinvented myself. I found myself working with at risk youth, building communities, and direct care in an addiction recovery center. At the suggestion of my highly supportive wife I began grant writing for nonprofit organizations and became passionate about fundraising as it allows me to be involved with the mission first hand in the field while bringing in necessary resources to accomplish organizational goals.