Family Spotlight: Gerry Abadiano’s flourishing livelihood

April 5, 2016
One of the families we have reached out to help, Gerry Abadiano, a survivor from Typhoon Haiyan, used the money to buy 6 piglets. After that he sold 2 of them to buy another pig and start to raise his own pigs. It’s awesome to see such perseverance and hope and to see someone who almost lost everything get back on their feet and be able to sustain their own recovery!
Thank you again to all those who supported this mission!

Nanita Panello

Nanita Panello and her parents have been temporarily relocated to Manila with

plans to go back to Samar. Their house is partially destroyed and in need of repairs.

Presently, their children are providing them with food. iPrevail has provided plane

tickets for the family to return to Samar, and materials for solid roofing and walls.

Luz Sabas

Luz Sabas, his sister, brother in law, and 7 children’s home was entirely obliterated

during the Typhoon. The process of rebuilding has already begun, and they are

able to sleep in their home. A large portion of thei roof is pawid or woven palm

leaves and 2 corrugated G.I. sheets. The walls are made of bamboo. Mrs. Sabas has

temporary work as a tree planter earning 250.00 pesos per day. Luz is driving a

padyak or bicycle with a side cart earning 300.00 pesos per day. The oldest son

completed a 2 years vocational program in electronics and worked in Cavite. He

currently in unemployed. The family had a business of making pawid and vinegar

from coconut prior to the devestation. Now that the trees have been wiped out they

have not been able to conduct business. iPrevail is aiding by helping Luz purchase

his own padyak or a tricycle to earn income to support the family. iPrevail provided

the son a ticket to Manila along with a grocery, transportation, and living allowance

for 2-3 months while he seeks employment.

Jaime Labay

My name is Jaime Labay from Guiuan Eastern Samar, 160 days after Typhoon

Haiyan/Yolanda hit in my province in Guiuan Eastern Samar and other parts in the

Visayas Region I was given a chance to visit amy family in Guiuan Eastern Samar and

I was in tears of joy seeing them they are still alive.

I am grateful to iPrevail Foundation for choosing my family in Guiuan Eastern Samar

as one of their beneficiaries. My family received money for house repair.

I had a chance to talk with other people aside from my relatives and family, they

said until now they are not yet recovered. They are still thinking of their damaged

houses, because that is the only thing they valued. Right now there are few

benevolent nations still in the province giving cash for work for every family but

the money they received is not enough for their family, especially with many family

members. In every family there is only one family member who can work to avail

the cash for work program and what happens to the families when the cash for work

program ends?

My heart is breaking and full of agony. I am thinking how can I help them and my

own family needs help.

They first step I took with the help of iPrevail International Foundation was to buy

plywood to replace the patchwork walls and partitions. I hired 2 carpenters and

1 laborer for repair and we worked for 3 days. We made 1 room for my 2 sisters

to give them privacy and keep them safe while they were sleeping and changing


In my town life is hard and the price of basic commodities is very high compared

to Manila. My mother is selling tomatoes, garlic, onions, rock salt and cooking oil in

the wet market and she earned 100 to 150 pesos a day, enough only to buy food. My

father started planting vegetables and asking me to help him obtain his own tricycle

even a second hand tricycle to taxi as it is a good livelihood. Tricycle fares are high

and it is the basic transportation in my province. They will be using it for selling

goods as hawkers elsewhere/villages to improve their income.

Helping the poor and the needy GOD is pleased. Providing the needs of the poor and

the needy it refuels.

We would like to thank you for your benevolent and generous heart for helping the

iPrevail International Foundation to strive their mission and goals which is truly

alive to us.

GOD bless!

Jesusito Abaca

November 6, 2013, it was announced on TV that a super typhoon is coming.

According to weather forecast report, the areas that will be mainly affected are

Samar, Leyte, and other parts of Visayas region. Our place (Mindoro) is not included.

But because of the large area that will be affected, even if Mindoro is far from the

areas mentioned we prepared ourselves for evacuation.

Our place is very near the river and sea. The people in Mindoro already experienced

trauma and are very afraid every time they hear a typhoon is coming. This is

because in the past, most of the typhoons that hit our area left major destruction not

only in properties but lives included.

The local government officials in our city announced to prepare for evacuation. The

evacuation area is 9 kilometers away from our city. The barangay officials provided

transportation and encouraged people to evacuate.

The majority of the people obeyed. I convinced my daughter and my grandchild

to go with the others to the evacuation area, but I decided to stay. I need to look

after our house and the few things we have. Neighbors experienced in the past that

whenever they leave the house to evacuate other people went in the house and stole


Good thing that we were able to prepare upon hearing the announcement on TV. We

had our cell phone charged, flashlight ready. We were able to prepare other needs

including food. My relatives in Manila are constantly communicating with me to

check and remind me of what I have to do.

Very early in the morning the next day at about 1:00 am, the rain started to pour.

Strong winds followed making a very loud whistling sound. The rain pours harder

and stronger. I stayed at the ground floor of our 2 story house. But even though I

couldn’t see what was happening on the second floor, I heard and felt that the roof

of the house come off and be carried away by the strong wind.

Water in the river overflowed and the waves in the sea becomes bigger creating a

loud sound every time they landed on the seashore. I went up stairs between the

first and the second floor. Our house is just beside the river and sea. The big waves

reached our house destroying part of its wall. It is dark and the light coming from

the flashlight is not enough to see very clearly. I can recognize the snakes coming in

from the open destroyed wall. I have my “bolo” on my waist just in case the snakes

try to bite.

The water continues to rise and I see our stuff floating; the cups, plates, furniture

and others. I was thinking of transferring to the school near our house also but I

was already trapped inside the house with high water and snakes. I have to remain

awake and keep myself safe.

The rain continues until the next day but it was not hard and strong anymore. The

water started to subside and as it subsides the snakes went out the house. After

sometime I went out to check what happen to our house. It affirmed what I heard

and felt last night. I saw big part of the roof was gone and the wall near the side of

the river was destroyed.

Even if our house was partly destroyed I thank God that I am safe and I do not have

to worry about my daughter and grandchild because I know that they are safe in the

evacuation center.

I am a plumber and I have no permanent job. My daughter is separated from her

husband and I am the one taking care of her and my grandchild. With the helped of

one of my relatives in Manila, I was given a grant. Thru this grant, we were able to

put new roofing to our house and repair part of the wall that was destroyed. Now, I

will not worry for my daughter and grandchild.

I want to say thank you to the officers of the foundation, donors and volunteers of

IPrevial and WE International Phils. for all the help you extended to my family. The

destruction in our place is nothing compared to what happen to the Visayas region.

Thank you for considering our place and situation. We now feel safe and very happy

with our new roofing and wall. We will not forget and will always cherish the help

and hope you give to us as long as we live.

Danila Collagra

Back when Yolanda hit I was working in a tailoring shop and I can say that my

earning was enough to provide for my family. When typhoon Yolanda hit our place,

we lost everything. Our house was destroyed. I thought that it is strong enough to

keep us safe,but I was wrong.

I clearly remember as if it only happened yesterday. The wind grew stronger that

morning and the water suddenly rose. The roofing of our house was destroyed

because of the winds. The doors and windows of the house were destroyed as well

due to heavy flooding. My wife feared that we will all die. I told my wife I will do

anything to protect them.

As the water rose I knew that all of us would be carried away by the flood and might

drown so I decided to bring my family to the highest part of our house. I wrapped

my wife and my children with a table cloth, and put ply wood that fell from our

ceiling in front of them. I can feel the pain every time something hits my body but I

had to keep bracing to protect them. As I recall the strong winds lasted for about 2

hours and I braced my whole family the whole time.

When the storm surge stopped, the water also slowly subsided. The rain continued

to pour and we hardly saw anything. When the surroundings become visible, I

saw the widespread devastation; fallen trees, toppled posts, overturned cars,

dead animals, and ruined houses including our house. On most houses, only the

foundations were left. I thought that this is not real.

When I saw the destruction I thank God for sparing our lives. I had cuts and bruises

all over my body. It hurt but it was nothing compared to what happened to the other

families especially those who lost loved ones.

Without eating for a day, we started to feel hungry. We looked for food but the

whole barangay has no food. News came to us that a cargo vessel loaded with rice

going to Cebu was stranded because of the typhoon. Two of the crews of the vessel

died because of the storm surge.

The stranded cargo vessel was 4 kilometers away from our place. My body was still

in pain and because I have “polyo” it will be difficult for me to walk that far so my

wife decided to go with the others to take chance to get rice and other food. She

succeeded but the food did not last long.I don’t want my family to suffer more so

we took a chance and went to Manila. My cousin helped me to find a job. I am now

working as a sewer technician.

My family decided to stay here in Manila. We are now starting to rebuild what

was lost. I am very grateful to all the people who helped us in Tacloban and here

in Manila. To mention, the owners of the company where I am working now, the

IPrevail donors/sponsors and the WEIP workers and volunteers. Thank you very

much for all the help. I will be forever grateful!

Because of your help, my wife will start a small store business very soon. My

children can enroll and continue their studies this school year.I know that it will

take a long time before we can recover fully from what happened but as long as

there are selfless people, never holding back to help, we will make it.