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**iPrevail is a 501 C3 organization. Your donations are 100% tax-deductible.


I Decided To Pick Love“The smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention”.
-John Burroughs
We are a small non profit made up of unpaid staff and volunteers so 100% of proceeds go directly to victims of natural disasters and personal tragedy . We activate our volunteers when we identify a need where we know we can maximize donations to make a specific, personal impact to a family or individuals that need a helping hand to overcome a disaster or personal difficulties (abuse, personal tragedy). You can request to support a specific family, individual or home and personally work with us to plan and facilitate the implementation of that support. While we originally started as a response to Hurricane Haiyan in the Philippines, we have continued to to find ways to help locally. We did not want to just wait for another calamity! So we found ways to be where the needs are at- we participated in events organized by the local community (Hungry Sunday ,Foster Friends of Oviedo) so we can come face to face with potential beneficiaries who we can help on a longer term basis.

If you wish to join us in our efforts, you can choose to DONATE* or fill out the contact form if you want to send SUPPORT IN KIND. Please indicate what is your desired purpose of donations. (Disaster Relief, Foster Friends of Oviedo, Homeless Ministry). Thank you for your help and support.

There many invaluable ways your in kind donations can help in our current and future efforts. They can be used for direct use by families and individuals affected by disasters, or they can be used for raffles or silent auctions that generate funds needed to support our grantees. Most importantly services like transportation, web development.Donate In Kind Submission FormDonate In Kind

Types and Examples of In Kind Donations1. GoodsClothingComputerSoftwareFurnitureOffice EquipmentVehiclesMedicineFood & BeverageEmergency Supplies2. ServicesMeeting or Event SpaceAccommodationsTravelWeb HostingPrinting Services3. ExpertiseMarketingWebsite DevelopmentLegal AdviceTax Advice