Our Impact


iPrevail International Foundation has been helping families overcome disaster and personal struggle. We have recently helped families who survived typhoon Haiyan recover their livelihoods and re-establish self sufficiency. iPrevail has helped others prevail by providing materials to rebuild homes allowing families to move on in their recovery efforts. We have provided communities with financial resources, job placement, and other means to allow others to provide income and necessities for themselves and their loved ones. iPrevail International’s impact is not only felt through writing and photography as our staff and directors step outside of the office and become involved first hand in the rebuilding mission in areas struck by natural disasters. We will continue to impact communities in which we are involved by providing rescue, rehabilitation, recovery, and rebuilding services along with job placement and business building knowledge to truly allow victims of tragedy and disaster prevail.


When we lose out homes or loved ones to unexpected calamities or natural disasters the most challenge is to get back on our feet. We at iPrevail international want to reach out to families affected by catastrophe and provide not only immediate relief, but focus our efforts and funds on long term assistance to help those devastated by tragedy. We help individuals and families restore their lives by rebuilding and/or relocating their homes, building life skills, and regaining their livelihoods. What’s more is that we match those whom we help partner families all over the world who will provide support both emotionally and spiritually along with accountability.


iPrevail International Foundation aims to empower individuals and families who have suffered through catastrophe and personal hardship by aiding them in transitioning and transcending to a new beginning. We achieve this through shelter and relocation services, job training and placement, life skills development, support systems both spiritual and emotional. Our goal is to help others help themselves by providing a helping hand as opposed to a hand out.


It’s important to us to be as clear about what we do as the support we provide aims to address rehabilitation after relief. As such we work hand in hand with reputable organizations on the ground to provide the following services: Shelter, home rebuilding, financial assistance, job training/placement, life skills development, partner families, and spiritual and emotional support systems.


We have all seen the devastation in the Philippines’ southeastern coastal cities caused by Typhoon Haiyan. Estimates of fatalities are in the thousands. At least 9.4 million people have been affected by the storm, with more than 600,000 people displaced. For survivors, the feeling of hopelessness is overwhelming. At first glance, the challenges may seem insurmountable. But all of us, regardless of our status or situation, can relate in some way, large or small, to tragedy caused by things outside our control. And with help to move forward, people actually can turn adversity into strength and hope. iPrevail International is helping people whose homes and lives were devastated by this catastrophe. We’re helping people in immediate aftermath of tragedy – as well as for the long run.